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    Post Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    Hi there...last night I was caught shoplifting about $150 worth of stuff from Kohls Dept. store in Indiana...I am 22 years old, I know this is so wrong, and I WILL NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN...I have a perfectly clean background,so this is the first offense ever, and I so sorry that I sunk low enough to do this, I wish I would not have, but obviously I can't change that, I can just promise myself to never do that again. Anyway, I was wondering what I should do now? Do I contact a public defender, or an attorney? Do I wait until I get the court papers in the mail? Please help me, I could hardly sleep last night, I feel awful, and I am so confused...I also want to write a letter of apology to I send that to the corp. office when I send the restitution money? What's going to happen to me at court? Please help me...I am so angry at myself...I told my fiance about everything now, and he is being supportive/helpful, which is great...he used to get into trouble a lot, before we met, and so he isn't bashing on me, which I really appreciate. I'm sorry to ramble on, I'm just so extremely nervous...I don't want anyone else to find out about this, does it appear in the newspaper? Also, we plan to buy a house in Aug./Sept., after our July wedding...will it show up when we apply to buy a house? Also, if I can't afford an attorney, how likely am I to be able to get approved for a PD, if I make about $18,700/year?? How long do you think until I receive this letter for court in the mail, or the restitution to Kohls letter? I am going crazy, and it hasn't even been 24 hours since the incident...I have been looking for everything about it online for probably a total of a 4 hours, and I can't even find what type of felony/misdemeanor this is in my state? This is about the most useful website I am able to find...PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN, I WOULD BE MOST GRATEFUL!! Oh this may be helpful to, I was completely cooperative w/ the LP, but his supervisor authorized him to call the police, and they came, but I wasn't arrested...could I still face jail time? : (!!!

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    Default Re: SO scared/nervous/upset @ myself

    Hi. I had the same feelings you did right now about two months ago. I am not an expert LP but I will tell you what happened to me. I was stopped and the police were called but they did not arrest me or give me a citation., they said I would receive something in the mail. I did, a week later I got a civil demand letter from Target demanding twice the amount. I called a few attorneys but the response was mostly call me when you get charged. To date, I never have. In reading this site it seems as if some people who are not arressted or given a citation never hear anything or just receive a civil demand letter requesting payment. That does not mean that will be true in your case. But I have spent many sleepless nights waiting and it has not happened in over two months. i paid the civil demand. I think the time now is more well spent figuring out why you did this and what stpes you can take to never let it happen again. Thats the only thing I could control is my actions because you can not control what the LP will do. I would wait to see if you receive charges and if it makes you feel more comfortable make a few calls to an attorney in your state most will talk to you over the phone hoping you will use their services if you are charged. Calm down!!! I know its hard because I can remember how I felt two months ago. I know this wont happen to me again, do what you have to and figure out how you can prevent this, the best thing to do now is stay out of trouble and probably out of the stores. Again, I am not an expert I just happen to be on the website when you were and saw that you were freaking out. Good Luck.

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    Default Re: SO scared/nervous/upset @ myself

    thank you so much for your reply, I really do appreciate it, and yes I know I really messed up big time, and I vow never to do it ever ever ever again, I know that I am a good person, and I just made a really big mistake, honestly the first huge mistake I've ever made, and I regret it so much...I am just so nervous about the court thing, well especially if I will get jail time, and how much it will cost in total for everything...I briefly remember the cop saying something about since I was in that county, but live in another county, they may turn it over to the county I live in...if this is true, I'm really scared, b/c I found that the county I was caught in has a pretrial diversion program, but my county doesn't, or at least I can't find anything online about it...I just learned what it was through reading all these posts on here, and did a few searches for it...anyways, thanks again for your reply, I'm trying to calm down, but it's really hard...

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    If you were caught in a particular city-county, that's where you would go to court. If they offer a diversion program you should look into it, it may take some time for you to complete but it will go quickly. The only way anyone will find out is if you tell them, it's good you told your future hubby. I wouldn't write anything to the store, you may want to get a local criminal defense lawyer or public defender to help you with the details of the diversion program and court date. PS.....don't beat yourself up too badly, face the music and move on, you'll be OK.

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    PAULE...Thanks you very much for your insite! I found the application for the diversion program, do I go ahead and fill that out and send it in before I have even received the court papers? Also, do I contact a PD or CDL before I even have the papers? Thanks so much for your response, I can't believe the anxiety I'm feeling...I can't wait until it's over!! Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    also you might get lucky and Kohls may just send you a civil demand letter and you dont have to go to court .(wish this happend to me ) Were you arrested by the way? Relax and calm down ( i know its hard but...) this will help you think of a better way to clean your record

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    Hi HUMBLE, thanks for the reply...No, I was not arrested, but the cop was very rude to me, which I guess I can't blame him...I wish I would only get a civil demand letter, we'll see I guess, I'll keep it updated on here when I do get it, I'm sure that I'll have tons more ?'s!! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    One quick question...I've been looking into criminal defense attorneys, haven't talked to one yet, but have been researching I hire one before I have even received the court papers?? Thanks if you know!

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    Basically, many of the things you are contemplating doing such as filling out papers, sending an apology letter, etc., should wait until you have talked to an attorney. It is unclear whether you have been charged or whether you will be based on what you have posted and if you have not been there's usually not much point in hiring an attorney at this point in the process although sometimes an attorney may be able to do some negotiation with the prosecutor pre-charging although this usually doesn't happen in minor crime cases. If you are charged you should be notified by the Court of your plea and arraignment date--as soon as you get notice of this you would need to contact a Public Defender or private attorney.

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting at Kohl's Department Store

    LITIGATOR: Thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate it! I am just so anxious/stressed/worried, I can not take my mind off of this, it's awful, I feel terrible...anyways, I think one of the things I'm worried about the most is receiving the court papers in the mail, as they said I will...I have a vacation scheduled for a week, if it happens to conflict w/ the court date, will it be possible to reschedule, or do I have to change my travel plans? Please let me know if you do know...I thank you very much! ---Extremely scared...

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