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    Default Ex Son-In-Law and New Wife

    My question involves grandparents rights in the State of: VA
    Our daughter left our wonderful ex son-in-law and left our grandson with him at the age of 3. My husband and I supported our ex son-in-law and grandson with money, groceries,i emotional support, and when our grandson started school, we paid up his school lunch for the year. I might add his father is a school teacher at the school teacher at the school teacher our grandson attends. Not one time did we ask for monies back, or ever say anything negative against our son-in-law,just the contrary. We knew it was our daughters fault. Our daughter was far behind on child support and was about to go to jail.
    We live in WV and had our grandson all the time, weekends, we went there to his school and had lunch with him, let me tell you it is a four hour drive. We had him when his dad had things he needed to do, even though his parents lived right there in the same town.
    My daughter signed all rights over to her ex and allowed his upcoming new wife to adopt him, this past winter. Now they are making it hard for us to see our grandson, the new wife even told our grandson to call us by our first name, our grandson cried his heart out when he told us, as we did. Please is there any help for the three of us. We were so close.

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    Have you met the new wife? Do you have a relationship with her? It might be a real eye opener to have a face to face, let her know the same things that you said here, assure her that you are willing to accept her as 'mom' and all you want is to continue to be family. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to acknowledge that 'family' doesn't always mean 'blood' and that you are more than happy to move on with a new 'daughter in law'.

    Sometimes it's the 'threat' of the old that holds ppl up because they just 'assume' that you can't possibly go forward with the 'new'. This doesn't always happen through divorce or adoption, but also through the death of one parent. I'm there, and glad that I made the effort.

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    Default Re: Ex Son-In-Law and New Wife

    You might have standing to petition for visitation in the state of Virginia, provided you can show clear and convincing evidence that maintaining a relationship with you is in the best interests of the child.

    Speak with a Virginia family law practitioner.

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