I have two questions:
I owe partial tuition for one semester to columbia university since 2006. about 3 months ago my case was sent for collection to a law firm.
The person who handles collection cases is a paralegal. she told me that even if I declared bankruptcy, that particular debt would not go away, because it was considered a student loan. I was wondering if there was different laws for different states as far as student loan/tuition correlation go.
and the second question is regarding the actual debt. The sum in the initial letter was much higher than what I thought it should be. I sent her a letter asking for a breakdown of the bill, and she sent me the transcript from Columbia's electronic system with the balance that coincided with my calculation, and then she wrote that 9% yearly interest rate was added to the balance, however transcripts did not project any interest rate addition.
I am not sure who added it and based on what. the most stressful part was that she also added 3500 to the sum from the initial letter, and specified it as collection fees.
Any advice/comment/information would be greatly appreciated, as I feel more lost than I have felt in my life. And I actually lived through a war mind you