I got a speeding ticket in Michigan, county of Macomb (85mph on a 70 highway) for 15mph over. The cop lowered it to 10mph. at the time i paid the bond amount of $100 to keep my license. cop said no points. I dont think i was asked to sign anything. I ignored the ticket when I came back to Canada hoping i could get away with it, a few weeks later i received a notice saying that the amount of my ticket is 100$, where I can choose to use my bond payment to pay for it, or I can set a court date. if i dont respond back in a week my $100 bond payment will be forfeited and my license will be suspended. Will they be able to suspend my Ontario license? If i do decide to pay for the ticket with the bond payment, will my insurance be affected? Will insurance find out? Or can i just ignore the notice and not take action, will that backfire? Lastly, should i fight the ticket, although i dont want to travel 4 hrs back to michigan. Please help as i am clueless and don't know what is the best solution. It is my first speeding ticket and i have had my license for almost 5 years. Pease advise. it is greatly appreciated.