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    Default Joining the Job Corps While on Probation

    Hey I am 21 years old and I am on Felony Probation. I have been on Felony probation almost a year now I have 4 years left. My charges are 2 or 3 counts of Entering Auto. I don't know if its 2 or 3. But I received 90-120 PDC Probation Detention Center and 120hours of community service and $1,300 dollar fine. I am not a HIGH RISK guy I am a very low risk guy as in I am not on intense probation I am on the very minimum of probation. Also I am a “First Time Offender “too. I have not violated my probation once!

    I have everything finished but I still owe Forsyth County 600 dollars that I am working off as 7 dollars an HR for community service.

    My question is I want to go to JOB CORPS. It's a government program where I go there for 6 months - 2 years and I learn a trade. But I need to be off probation to enter this program. My probation officer knows I want to do this program this is why she’s giving me 7 dollars an hour for community service so I can finish off paying my fine in a hurry. But she doesn't know that I need to be off probation entirely. She told me that since the program am in TN that I will be automatically approved for a transfer. My question is!

    What the hell should I do about getting off probation early?
    Do I talk to my probation officer because I don’t think she will go to the judge? Or should I go to an attorney office?

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    Default Re: Joining the Job Corps While on Probation

    Attempting to do an end run around your PO will ensure that your probation is NOT terminated early.

    Early termination of probation is at your PO's discretion. You'd do well to sit down and have a long, detailed chat with her about your goals and your desire for early termination.

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