I am a current resident in the state of Vermont. My mother who also lives in VT. is the co signer. I am over thirty days past due on two of 3 loans equaling just under 80,000.00. I am between jobs but looking for one full time. I hope to be employed full time within the next few weeks. I will then be able to start making payments again but that, of course, isn't a good enough answer for the collectors. How much time do I have before the loan or collection agencies can actually take legal actions against me and go after my mom's home and/or income? I truly don't know what to do. I know that defaulting is terrible but the last thing in the world I want to have happen is for my parents home and income to be taken. I know my credit is already toast, like probably a 100, and I own nothing, and don't have a job, so I know they are going to go after her. I am just wondering how much time I have. The collectors who are calling are saying that if I don't pay soon the lender can ask for the full amount. Is that true? The thing is there's nothing my parents or I own that equals that sum, and that seems unreasonable and illogical. I am really trying here but I'm getting scared. I don't answer my phone because if I do, and I tell them I can't pay, they've told me that is considered a refusal to pay, and they can then start immediate actions against me and my mom. I've used all of my deferrment and forebearance, so I don't have those options. So it comes down to time. How much time do I have before they will put anything into action, do I have a few more weeks at least, or can they do something sooner? And is it the right thing to do to not answer the phone calls since I cannot pay an acceptable amount at this time? Please Help.