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    Unhappy Class B Misdemeanor in Texas. Jail time?

    I was arrested for shoplifting $68 worth of merchandise at Kohls in late April in Texas. This is my first offense, I'm 20 years old, and had to stay in jail overnight. My court date is now fast approaching and I'm wondering what my options are and the possible actions that the court will take. Is it possible that I might have to go back to jail? Also, is there any way to have this offense knocked down to a class c or (what i would LOVE to happen) taken off my record completely?

    I'm very nervous and just really need to find out what my rights are.

    Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: Class B Misdemeanor in Texas. Jail time?

    Most likely No did u get bonded out or let go?

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    Default Re: Class B Misdemeanor in Texas. Jail time?

    The best person to ask about local plea bargaining practices is a local criminal defense lawyer. You should discuss the possibility of a diversion program, deferred sentence, and reduction in charge. Jail would be very unusual for a first offense (beyond "time served") with an otherwise clean record.

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