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    Question Filing Chapter 7 As a Dependent : Household Issues

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Michigan.

    I live with my parents and I am looking to file Chapter 7. I am currently unemployed and have absolutely no income (while my parents are supportive... they do not support me monetarily!)

    I understand that filing for bankruptcy can be a confusing and lengthy process, so I am trying to seek free legal assistance. I believe, however, that this is based on a person's household income and not the person's individual income. While I myself would be considered very impoverished, my parents would not. I have under $50k in debt and have no assets (so I believe that I have an easier case). Is there a good chance that a Pro Bono attorney will help me?

    I would also like to apply to have the filing fee waived once I do file for Chapter 7. The application requests my family size but only asks about myself, my spouse, and my dependents. Because I have neither a spouse nor dependents, I indicated my family size as 1 - meaning that only my income ($0) is supporting me. Do my parents have anything to do with "family size?"

    I still find it amusing that I am filing for bankruptcy (meaning that I am bankrupt...) and I am still being asked to shell out cash for fees in order to do so... But anyway... your advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Default Re: Filing Chapter 7 As a Dependent : Household Issues

    Bankruptcy attorneys need to make a living too and bankruptcy petitions are time consuming and require legal expertise. Sounds like you need to go visit one, many will help you set up a payment plan.

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