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    Default Credit Card Debt Bought by Junk Buyer

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California
    I received a summons stating that I was being sued by a junk debt collector. I filed a denial form through the courts. I also sent out a validation letter to the collections. They sent me back a affavifted with a name from the credit card debt that I supposedly incur. Also some credit card statements most of 2007-2008. Now what I need to know is that enough for me to lose my case in court or should I sent them a settlement offer The last statement says at the time my balance was 5,912 but they are adding 3000 more for interest. Can they do that ? also on my credit reportshows I owe more than 10,450.00 Where do they come up with that $$

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    Default Re: Credit Card Debt Bought by Junk Buyer

    If they can prove that they own the debt and establish that you have an unpaid balance, and the debt is not expired, they can make a prima facie case in court. You are free to try to negotiate a settlement for less than the full amount you owe. It would be up to you to raise a statute of limitations defense if the debt is expired, and to prove that in court; although that does not appear to be an issue.

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