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    Default Suing a Client in Small Claims Court

    My question involves business law in the state of:

    We've a client (registered under private limited company) who keeps delaying the payment (more than 6 months) to my company despite numerous phone calls and reminders. There were always many excuses and reasons. As the total amount is less than a thousand, I do not know the feasibility of filing a claim against my client. Does it work? Will my client pay up after if I make a claim?

    Would very much appreciate if someone can advise me on this.

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    Default Re: Small Claims Tribunals - Does It Work

    A private limited company? I would guess we are NOT in the U.S. Really have no idea how small claims work in another country.

    I would sue though. Obviously you don't want to do more work for the client and not get paid, so if you lost the client by suing, who cares. You'd better sue and get a judgment now while they are still in business and maybe have some assets left. If they are robbing peter to pay paul, better you be paul.

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    Default Re: Suing a Client in Small Claims Court

    You need to investigate the laws of your undisclosed jurisdiction. If it's not the U.S., post your question in a forum that relates to the laws of your nation.

    Nobody can promise you that your client will pay a small claims judgment but, if you're ready to give up on future business with the client and want to be in a position of advantage over other unsecured creditors, odds are a money judgment will improve your position. (Again, your experience may vary depending upon the laws of your undisclosed jurisdiction.)

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