I went in to file chapter 7. My attorney said 13 would be better so I could keep my house. I agreed. After months of my wages being garnished, I found myself struggling financially. I decided that 13 wasn't for me, I was going to file 7 and leave my home and throw in the towel. I did this the day after my approval date, I know I know....I already got an ear full from my attorney. Rather than convert, she dismissed my case in hopes that the trustee would release the funds to her so she could get paid for her services. I told her whatever funds I received I would give to her. The trustee gave the money to the creditors and only $500 to my attorney. I was told that what she did was unethical and my case should have been converted. She won't file my 7 without me paying her $3100 (already paid her $700 out of pocket plus the $500 check from the trustee). I went to another attorney, seems my previous attorney won't hand over my file. We requested only my personal documents, NOT work they've done, only MY personal documents that I provided i.e. deed to home, home appraisal and title to my car.
Is there anything I can I do to get my file? I did ask nicely. Or should I just throw in the towel on this one too?