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    Default Unclaimed Funds Letter Scam and the Guy Showed Up at My House

    So I already know this letter is a scam. I know that I can claim these funds on my own through I've received three of these letters from this person. What really gets me is this guy had the audacity to show up at my house! I opened the door, he introduced himself and recited his letter word for word and asked me to sign a Limited Personal Services Contract.

    Even after this incident he has sent me another one of these letters. Now I'm thinking he might come back to my house again, which honestly speaking is freaky. Is there a way to ask this person to leave me alone?

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    Default Re: Unclaimed Funds Letter Scam and the Guy Showed Up at My House

    Yes. You simply say, "Leave me alone. I have no interest in your services. Do not contact me again."

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