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    Default Forgotten personal property

    I recently sold a home in California and discovered 3 weeks after close of escrow that I had inadvertantly left 3 bottles of expensive wine tucked away in a small crate in the crawl space of the home. These bottles were collectively worth around $700 and had high sentimental value as they were destined as wedding/graduation gifts for my children.

    I notified the buyer's realtor as soon as I realized this oversite. She promised to attempt to secure the wine for me. One week later, the realtor called me back stating that a contract plumber had found the wine and that the under-age son of the buyer consumed it.

    My question is this: Do I have the legal right to recover the value of the wine from the buyers?

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    Default Properly Left In Home After Sale

    It's highly unlikely. Normally, anything you leave in the home after you close becomes the property of the buyer.

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    Is this an absolute? We had a written agreement on what property I was leaving behind and the wine was not included in that agreement.

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    Default Abandoned Property

    If you want a detailed analysis of California law, with an associated review of your contract, unfortunately you will need to consult a California lawyer who has the opportunity to review that contract.

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