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    Unhappy How to Fight a PFA (Protection From Abuse) Order

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: PA and NY

    My husband's custody agreement is in NY but his ex has a PFA against him for his son in PA.

    The ex has made false accusations to the court saying my husband and I sent her threatening text messages and unmarked letters threatening her and her son. She was granted a PFA for herself which is expired and for their son which lasts til April 2011. The number that the text messages are from we do not even recognize and her mailbox is a locked box that my husband never had access to.

    We have already lost 5 months of time with his son because of this and the cops in our town don't seem to want to help up figure out where the text messages actually came from.

    We don't have money to pay a lawyer and that was part of the problem at the time. We didn't have a lawyer for the PFA and she was granted it because she did have one and my husband was lost on how to handle his case in the courtroom by himself.

    Is there anything we can do to fight this without it costing thousands of dollars. I hate seeing how sad he is because he isn't getting to see his son and he is missing out on all the big things going on in the last few months.

    This woman once told him that if he wasn't with her she would make sure he never saw his son. She became irrate when she found out we were dating and that is when she began making all the false accusations and doing everything she could to keep my husband from his son. She also is a heavy drinker and has another son with a man who she has made it so he has no involvement in that boys life.

    I really need help with this because although I know my husband is hurting I hate thinking of what this is actually going to do to his son. He is the one who will truly have to suffer for all this because his mother is choosing to be spiteful over the best interests of her son. She is very selfish and puts her emotional needs before the welfare of her children.

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    Default Re: How to Fight a PFA (Protection From Abuse) Order

    Honestly, unless he wants to wait until the PFA order expires in April, AND hope that she doesn't successfully get it renewed, he's really got no shot at this without the services of an attorney. I know that's an expensive answer that he doesn't want to hear, but the court at some point already made a ruling that the order was warranted, and even the BEST attorneys struggle to get courts to re-evaluate such orders...a non-attorney realistically doesn't have much of a shot.

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