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    Default Sallie Mae and ITT Technical Institute

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Texas.

    This is a copy of an e-mail I was thinking of using to address Sallie Mae in it's continued and now perhaps threatening efforts to collect on a "debt" I supposedly owe them for attending a Technical "school".

    I will of course not use this letter as it was written with a bit of anger.

    It would be best to simply convey these facts and my general mindset to an attorney.

    The political climate is ripe for this type of court hearing...if it goes that far.

    Let me know what you think.

    CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated.

    Now the copy of the letter: Note, actual names have been withheld for privacy purposes. (******)

    From: "Me"

    To: Sallie Mae

    Dated: 8-7-2010

    To whom it may concern:

    Today, I again received a letter from one of your many collection partners. All these supposed partners of yours claim I have a debt to Sallie Mae for my past and quickly discontinued "education" provided by ITT Technical Inst. of Arlington, Texas. The debt amount seems to vary from one collection partner to another. The letters also say they have additional charges I may owe for their collection expenses. These charges are not specified. ( I initially was loaned about $2,900 in total, for about a semester and a half of attending.)

    When I attended ITT Technical Inst. I was trying to make something positive happen in my life. I had applied for jobs of all types for approximately 9 months, and had not received any favorable responses and/or positions. Jobs I was qualified for.


    While attending ITT Tech, one of my instructors, a "Mr. ******", was asked a question by another student. (You can no doubt check "school" records and find his employment was valid. As well you can check the records and find all of the students who were then enrolled in the same class as I was. I can personally recall a few names myself, and would recognize the ones in which I do not recall the names of. )

    "Is what we learn here going to be enough to get us a good job when we graduate?"...asked the student.

    "Mr. ******" appeared to think for a moment, most probably weighing the outcome of a truthful answer, and perhaps because of that truthful answer, considering whether he may lose his position at the school and thus his employment.

    "No. I'm going to have to say no." was Mr. ******'s response.

    At least 20 other people who were enrolled in that class at the time heard that question and response. (You can no doubt again check "school" records and get the names of the students who attended that class with me.)

    Now, I'll cut to the chase.

    Do you perhaps want to drag everyone into court, and put them on a witness stand and then have them concur with me, under oath to God, as to what I said is correct?

    Or, do you drop this ridiculous claim against me and not lose all of your "business"?

    Keep in mind that we are talking about "Mr. ******"s current and future employment, the future of ITT Tech. as an "institute of higher learning" and all the millions, (billions?) of dollars that such an action in court would bring into question.

    Let me know either way.

    Thank you.



    Also...why does it seem like every instructor at ITT Tech is a former student there? Is that the only job they can get?

    Also...why is it that when a new semester and new students start there, the number of students is in the 100's. By the time a graduating class rolls around, there are about 7 students.

    Is this because so many people figured out what a scam this was?

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    Default Re: Sallie Mae and ITT Technical Institute took out a loan, and were unimpressed by the service you received from the school you attended?

    Is that your point?
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    Default Re: Sallie Mae and ITT Technical Institute

    Quote Quoting Dogmatique
    View Post took out a loan, and were unimpressed by the service you received from the school you attended?

    Is that your point?

    After all the hard sell from the school, and then basically finding what amounts to be a lie of an education, and I use that term loosely, I don't feel that Sallie Mae should expect me to pay just because they knowingly support, by financial means, a sub-par and basically worthless education.

    By the time I would have gotten out of there, had I stupidly spent my time and effort for a 2 year "degree", I would have owed close to 40-50k. For what? An education that is basically a joke, and puts me $50,000 in debt for probably the rest of my life.

    I don't think this is a case of "Buyer Beware".

    I think it's a case of a deceptive practice both by the school, and by Sallie Mae for financially being involved with such a "school".

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