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    Default Can a Dismissed Order Be Reopened

    My question involves child support in the State of: FL & other (intertribunal).

    I met my ex when she was 2 mo. pregnant but cared for her and looked forward to being part of her child's life. To prevent the child from being taken into state custody should something ever happen to her (at the time, there were news stories indicating FL DCF had "misplaced" a couple of children in their custody. I signed birth cert. We split 2 yrs later.

    Got a letter last year from court saying I had to appear due to "non-payment and unwilling to pay". I asked her about this, her current husband lost job and they were now receiving state asst, they made her proceed. When I arrived in court, I had stacks of cancelled checks and bank statements, I have never failed to pay the $100/wk arrangement we made verbally. This attracted the attention of local Asst. DA who contacted Florida asking for proof of me signing paternity acknowledgement. After several months, I was called to court and case was dismissed.

    I'm a little concerned as my ex just told me the state of Fl is re-opening the case and has sent the same paperwork for her to sign. Should I be concerned?
    Anyone have any suggestions here? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Can a Dismissed Order Be Reopened

    You said "intertribunal".

    Please explain. Do you mean "multiple jurisdictions"?

    Tribal law?

    It matters a lot
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    Default Re: Can a Dismissed Order Be Reopened

    Yes, ex is located in Fl. I am in CT

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