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    Default Marriage and Disability Benefits

    My name is Barbara and I live in Charlotte NC. I received social sucerity disability for 8 years. I have a question adout getting married and still receiving disability. Is that allowed?

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    Default Re: Marriage and disability benefits

    You can marry while receiving Social Security disability benefits. A change in your household income could affect your SSI benefits (if you receive SSI) as those benefits are means-tested (their amount depends upon your income). As is explained in this article about Social Security benefits,
    Quote Quoting The two disability programs offered by the Social Security Administration
    Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) - These benefits are extended to disabled workers whose work history has allowed them to obtain sufficient "credits" to be eligible for benefits. In most cases, this will mean having worked at least five of the past ten years, with earnings above a base threshold and payment of FICA taxes. Certain of their dependants may also qualify for DIB benefits.

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - This program is intended for the elderly, blind, or disabled. To qualify for benefits, you must prove that you are disabled under the definition provided above, and must also demonstrate financial need. There are strict limits on the income and resources to be eligible for benefits - if you earn too much money, or have too many assets, you will not qualify.

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