My question involves paternity law for the State of: Florida

My ex-girlfriend from 3 years ago has served me a paternity suit. The timeframe is right, but we had much turmoil during our relationship and several phases where she was not talking to me, and could have been with another person during that time.

I have decided to initially answer Pro Se until I can obtain a lawyer since the deadline is approaching and haven't found one affordable yet.

I am filing an answer and a motion for scientific testing, since I have some doubts that she was faithful to me during the period of our courtship.

My questions are

1.) Do I absolutely need to fill out a financial affidavit if paternity has not been tested yet? Can I just file the answer and motion for now?

2.) If I respond to sections on the petition that I legally reside in Florida, but deny other petitions, such as admittance of paternity, should I just file as a whole denial or that the evidence is insustainable?