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    Default Fence on a Utility Easement

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Missouri.

    We recently moved into a house which did not have a fence. We put the fence up using the surrounding neighbors fences are guidelines for the property markers. We couldn't build the fence on our actual property line on the back of our yard, as it is utility easement, and the utility companies have equipment back there; therefore, we built the fence a few feet inside of that easement to allow for utility workers.

    The neighbors (on the other side of that fence) refuse to mow that part of the yard, and have since filed a complaint with the Codes Department about the height of the grass (which we cannot see because it is behind the wooden fence).

    These neighbors mow and upkeep the surrounding yard, but continue to ignore this 3' x 20' strip of grass. If I were to keep up this utility easement, I would have to walk around the block, and thru this neighbors yard with my mower, invading on their personal property.

    What would you suggest?

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    Default Re: Fence on a Utility Easement

    What would you suggest?
    Put in a gate.

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