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    Angry Burn Injuries Suffered at Work

    I work for a small convient store with a deli.We were carrying the pail of hot grease outside to dispoise of it on the way some of it splashed out and I slid on it causing the grease to spill on my foot causing severe burns there and several burns on other parts of my body but the worse was my foot.They have been paying my doctor bills but I haven't received any type of money benefit for my time off of work.they don't want to file this with workmans comp because they haven't had any claim in over 10 years.they also said it really wouldn't be covered because of the type of shoe I was wearing but I never signed any agreement to a dress code and they never enforced any kind of dress code they also ask if I couldn't just come and sit at the register and take in the money,give change etc.,with my foot proped up without any shoe just my bandages as I can't wear any kind of shoe right now I am 22 years old and could use some advice on this issue,because my bill's are still coming although I am not working,I never have been late on my bills until now.

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    Default Re: Burned at work in Tn

    You would have a worker's compensation claim, which would cover medical care, and possibly for lost wages (I'm not sure whether you have lost wages as a resut of the injury). You don't get pain and suffering benefits under worker's compensation.

    It isn't clear that you would have any negligence claim even if worker's compensation did not apply, as it sounds like you were the one carrying the grease. For a full evaluation of your case, consult a worker's compensation lawyer in your state.

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