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    Default Guardianship of an Adult Ward

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Missouri/Alabama


    My parents were divorced in 2006, and because of my moms mental state, they put her in a home and deemed her a ward of the state, she was appointed a guardian who works for the state, the entire time they were going through the divorce, my aunt was there for support the entire time, but had to come back to alabama.

    4 years later - we have been in constant contact with her guardian, and district attorney asking and asking and asking to get her, to be her guardians (my family has a fine house with plenty of room and cash flow to take care of her, we are also willing to have people come inspect the home and prove that we are fit, which we are) and the guardian has never, according to my mothers records at the facility she lives in, suggested us for guardianship. We call my mother as much as we can, send her care packages constantly, and according to the guardian "I've never had a family been so involved with a ward case"..

    The point is, this is an unnecessary battle, we want mom with us, she is treated for depression, and cannot take care of herself. We want to take care of her and give her everything she will ever need.

    The guardian has been in and out of the hospital, and i believe is no longer fit for her position, she doesn't take calls nearly as much as we make them.

    What can we do to get my mother and close this chapter in her life. She is living with people who are slightly sicker than herself, and I am afraid it is to her detriment, it is not helping.

    Any suggestions and input would be lovely. I can and will answer any questions.

    Also, we will call my mother and half the time, they answer with, We didn't know she had any family.. which blows my mind, because like i said, we send packages, acknowledge birthdays and call her, as much as possible.

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    Default Re: Guardianship of an Adult Ward

    For an overview of guardianship, read this.

    If the state-appointed guardian is no longer capable of performing her job, I am surprised that the state hasn't removed her from her appointments and replaced her with somebody who is capable. Have you brought the problems to the attention of the court?

    If you want to try to petition for guardianship you may do so, but the interstate issues complicate things. The court in your mother's state will lose jurisdiction if it authorizes her to move to your state. It would make sense for you to work with a lawyer.

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