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    Default No License Plates Shown

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: new york

    I received a ticket for not having license plates. I bought the vehicle and the owner did not give me a plate to use while i drove it up to my residence. Because i lived a reasonable distance away and new york will not give you you a temporary plate without the title and insurance. (basically i wanted a temp plate so that if i did buy it i wouldn't have to make multiple trips). That being said is there any law or grace period for not having a vehicle displaying plates or any way of fighting the ticket?

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    Are you stating that you got a ticket on your way home from the dealership? Or that you were driving around town without a license and hope that, in retrospect, you have a certain number of days to get a license before you can be cited for that offense? Because if it's the latter, I don't much feel like wasting my time - you can look up New York statutes here.

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    When you buy a vehicle, the onus is on you to obtain proper tags. When you buy from a dealer, they are able to assist in getting temp tags until your regular tags come in the mail. When you buy from a private individual, you don't get that level of service. Instead, you complete the sale, take the title from the owner to the tag agency, get a tag (with proof of insurance), put it on the vehicle, and THEN drive the vehicle home. Taking shortcuts means risking receipt of a ticket, as in your case.

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