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    Default Preparing for a Hearing

    State of FL:

    CSE case enforcement pending. CP submitted documentation to show NCP not complying with order. NCP will say there was no money to pay. CP has proof NCP deliberately underemployed. Will the court want to see that kind of stuff?

    Its funny NCP will have money to paya private lawyer for the hearing, but none to pay per the order. Can a CP bring that up, or will that upset the court? Understand NCP has a right to be represented, just wonder how one pays for a $200-300 hour lawyer. There is no family with $$$ to lend.

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    Default Re: Preparing for a Hearing Advice

    Without knowing more about the hearing, we can't tell you if the judge will be hearing testimony or accepting evidence at the hearing. I suggest consulting a lawyer of your own.

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    Hearing is for contempt of existing court order. Each parent is ordered to pay percentage of medical expenes within specific timeframes. Other parent did not pay anything and motion filed for contempt.

    OP is also now 2 months behind with current support obligation as well. OP works outside of regular job, but doesn't get paid, so is choosing to stay under employed.

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