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    Default How to Handle a Wrongful Garnishment

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: GEORGIA and
    possibly ALASKA

    Let me preface...I know I'll need to get an attorney...

    I received a notice of wage garnishment for $3000. Apparently, an attorney/debt collector's office served my old address in Georgia to appear in court. I've lived in Alaska for a year now and for some reason (even though my mail is forwarded) there's now a court order in Georgia. Obviously I didn't know to appear b/c I'm 4k miles away...

    I don't even know if this debt belongs to me...what do I do to ensure they don't get my money!?

    Do I need to write to the state superior court who has the garnishment order?

    Will this need to be moved to Alaska since that is now my state of residence b/c I'm not flying to Georgia for this...

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    Default Re: How to Handle a Wrongful Garnishment

    Ok...more info. So apparently someone at the old address signed for it. I had someone get the paperwork and the default judgement was entered in Aug. 2008. I NEVER received anything regarding this...none of the judgement paperwork and not even the garnishment paperwork.

    So here's the kicker: this credit card was opened before I was 17.

    So now my question is am I past the time to get back into court to overturn the judgement? Speaking in terms of Georgia law...

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