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    Unhappy Police Report vs. Insurance Claim Report

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: Colorado

    According to the police officer that cited us, U turns are legal in Colorado unless they cause an accident. Any accident in which a U turn is involved, the person making the U is automatically at fault. This is all according to the officer.

    I am sure he may be right but... I just need some closure here. This is our story:

    My husband and I were driving in a residential area, speed limit 25 mph. We decided to make a U turn. My husband turned on his Left blinker and made the U turn at the next intersection. We slowed down to make the turn waiting for an oncoming car to pass. Mid turn a truck behind us, going at least 25 mph thought he'd pass us on the left. Mid U turn SLAM we hit.

    He got a scratch on the back passenger side tire area. Our entire front bumper, and some innards went flying. This alone would seem to prove he was going much too fast and I think, is at fault.

    Sure a U turn may make it appear we are at fault but why didn't the officer even consider that the other guy passed unsafely and over the speed limit?

    We were cited with no questions asked. No if and or butts. Is it worth pursuing this or would a judge just point us at fault for that U turn?

    Could the insurance claim we make have an effect on who's at fault or did that officer set our sentence in stone?

    We were cited with a ticket that said "unsafe U turn" the ticket says 54-206. Upon searching, I think he was mistaken on that. This is what I found concerning the U turn.

    My husband's U turn obviously interfered with traffic and it was in an intersection. I guess my point is, why is our one mistake considered larger than his mistakes? Why didn't the officer even consider the other guy's unsafe decision to pass?

    I really feel the other guy should have been cited for unsafe passing as well as maybe speeding. Any input would be appreciated!

    *Note: My husband has a perfectly clean driving history (until this accident).

    Thank you in advance!

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