I am leaving for Army BCT on August 23, and want to get this Power of Attorney done with before then. I want to do it myself, as we really don't have much room for extra expenses at the moment.

Here is what I typed up (based on one found online):
[quote]Hey guys and gals! I am shipping out to basic training soon and need to get this Power of Attorney (General Durable Immediate) set up.

How's this look: (this is for the state of Idaho)


[ my name ], hereinafter referred to as PRINCIPAL, in the County of ____________, State of ________________, does appoint [ wife's name ] his true and lawful attorney.

In principal's name, and for principal's use and benefit, said attorney is authorized hereby;

1) To demand, sue for, collect, and receive all money, debts, accounts, legacies, bequests, interest, dividends, annuities, and demands as are now or shall hereafter become due, payable, or belonging to PRINCIPAL, and take all lawful means, for the recovery thereof and to compromise the same and give discharges for the same;

2) To buy and sell land, make contracts of every kind relative to land, any interest therein or the possession thereof, and to take possession and exercise control over the use thereof;

3) To buy, sell, mortgage, hypothecate, assign, transfer, and in any manner deal with goods, wares and merchandise, chooses in action, certificates or shares of capital stock, and other property in possession or in action, and to make, do, and transact all and every kind of business of whatever nature;

4) To execute, acknowledge, and deliver contracts of sale, escrow instructions, deeds, leases including leases for minerals and hydrocarbon substances and assignments of leases, covenants, agreements and assignments of agreements, mortgages and assignments of mortgages, conveyances in trust, to secure indebtedness or other obligations, and assign the beneficial interest thereunder, subordinations of liens or encumbrances, bills of lading, receipts, evidences of debt, releases, bonds, notes, bills, request to reconvey deeds of trust, partial or full judgments, satisfactions of mortgages, and other debts, and other written instruments of whatever kind and nature, all upon such terms and conditions as said attorney shall approve.

Giving and granting to said attorney full power and authority to do all and every act and thing whatsoever requisite and necessary to be done relative to any of the foregoing as fully to all intents and purposes as principal might or could do if personally present.

All that said attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done under the authority of this power of attorney is expressly approved.

PRINCIPAL _________________________________ Date ________________

ATTORNEY _________________________________ Date ________________