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    Default Purchased a Used Car from a Private Seller, No Title

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of:MN

    My brother purchased a vehicle in MN (where he resides) that is registered to Texas. He bought the vehicle 4 years ago and has possesion of it since. He purchased it for $500, and at the time of the sale the bill of sale was provided, power of attorney (but there is not a lien), and registration card was provided. The 2 above documents were drawn by the seller, signed by the seller and my brother with a witness.

    The vehicle hasnt been registered in MN since the purchase due to goverment assignments.

    The original seller is no where to be located currently and now that he has returned to the states, and the car needs to be registered to legally be on the road.

    The MN DMV is useless (what a suprise) and TX is sending him back to MN

    So we are now back at point A trying to figure out how to get to point B. Possesion of the car has been with my brother for 4 years, he has power of attorney, a bill of sale and the registration card but no title.

    What do we have to do to get the title? How can we do this without the original seller?

    We've heard publisizing the sale in the paper for 30 days asking for her to surrender the title, mechanics lein, suing for title to be surrendered, and/or press charges..........

    Please help!

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    Default Re: Purchased a Used Car from a Private Seller, No Title

    The whole point of the title is that it proves ownership. If your brother never had the vehicle titled over to him, all those other documents being duly considered, he has never owned the car.

    A further complication in situations like this is that often when the "seller" provides everything but the title it's because the seller either has a lien on the vehicle that has not been cleared, or it turns out that somebody other than the "seller" owns the car.

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