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    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Virginia.
    I was recently charged with child neglect. I have 2 children a 4 yrsold and a 2 months old babies, i decided to run to the neighbors house about 12 ft away from my house and the kids was in my home. My 4 yrs old followed behind me and was not sure where I went so he went the opposite side of our home and meet the other neighbor who called the police and they came and she brought him back home, the police informed that he was not going to charge me at that time but he needed to notify CPS. CPS rep came and verified that what was said was the truth and left. I was told by the CPS rep that I will be charged misdemeanor neglect so I need to know what I should do and if I should get an Lawyer since I am in school studying to be a nurse. Please help. I am scared I am going to lose my chances of working with children or the elderly. Also my husband is Deputy at Norfolk Sheriff's Department. How can that affect his job? What is the most likely thing or result that can come out of this charge and what can I do to increase my chances.

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    You NEED an attorney.

    You made a HUGE error in judgment that could have resulted in tragedy.

    Please - get an attorney immediately.

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