I want an emancipation from my mother. She has brought me down since the day she married my step-father. He did some rally bad things to me untill i was 10. Every since he came into my mother's life, my life has became heck.
My mom started "hating me" she would always agree with my step-dad. like when he told me i was going to be a good for nothing B. She agreed. my mother has custody over me, but here is the funny thing! She dumped me on her mother, my grandmother, I do not believe she should have to put up with me since i am not her "problem" as she likes to say....
I'm tired of being treated like i am nothing, i can keep my grades up and i can get a job.....

My real father was nver really there. He was always up and out with another woman. (who is now my step-mother). I have nothing against her. She has given me 3 amazing little brothers. But you see my dad and my real mom don't get along, and now she is trying to put him back in jail.... My brtohters are 13, 7, and 9months.
He wants me to hold down the household when i come over. But i wouldn't be able to handle looking at them..... My dad is a very good man.... and is trying to change, but my mom keep's bring up the past.

I feel llike all of this is my fault, when i know it's not. but i need help before it's to late.

Would i have a chance in getting this done? or would i have to stay living with my grandparents?