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    Default Possession of Drug Related Object

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Georgia
    I was pulled over for failure to maintaine lane, however to the best of my knowledge and belief I did not cross any lanes. I was searched, my vehichle was searched and there was nothing found on me or in my truck. I had a passenger that I was giving a ride home. A friend of mine asked if I would give him a ride home. He gave the police his wrong name, and he started to run, they tased him and because of that I was immediately placed in handcuffs as the office told me I was going to Jail. I said for what and he said obstruction. I told him I had just met this man and that he told me his name was Gary. I was taken to jail because the officer said I should have told him I did not know who he was. I was handcuffed and then they found a pipe on the ground, they said the other guy said it was mine. So my charges are failure to maintaine lane and possession of drug related object.
    I went to court and asked for a public defender, my question is how can I be charged for something found on the ground. I am requesting that the Video be played to show that I did not put this on the ground. It showed up once this guy took off running.

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    Default Re: Possession of Drug Related Object

    You can be charged with possession of the item because it was found in your immediate vicinity and your passenger said it was yours. You may try to argue (ideally with the help of your lawyer) that it belonged to your passenger and that he was lying. If you're lucky, video from the traffic stop will demonstrate that. (Is there, in fact, video?)

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