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    Default Judge Took Away My Public Defender

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida
    I was false Imprisoned for prostitution. The lying ass raciest police said that I offered to have sex with him in exchange for money(never happened).Told me that my Black Big Booty Ass was going to get him and his partner some over time. Since I would not sign this paper(later found out to be a P.T.A(promise to appear) )that he wouldn't let me read first he took me to jail. Only After detaining me on the scene for a couple of hours, they called for a uniform(male)officer, who took me to some alley for about 30min(that was scary) waiting on his sargent to come sigh some paper. Then took me to jail. Next day Judge would not let me talk about my case,said it was bond hearing. So I was given a bond and appointed a Public defender . Finally today, my day in court! My chance to be heard! " No you either take the deal (some class on not being a hooker and HIV & StD test) OH, Did I tell you that I am not or have I ever been a prostitute! Any way didn't take deal so they took away my Public Defender and Set me for trial. I told the judge that I could not afford a Lawyer. He said that since state wasn't seeking jail time I couldn't have a public defender. Although they can't send me to jail me having a criminal record don't look good while applying for a job on a nursing application. I can not afford a lawyer, but I can't afford not to have one. IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE THE STATE PAY FOR OR APPOINT ME ONE?

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    Default Re: Judge Took Away My Public Defender

    The state does not have to provide you with a court-appointed lawyer if you have no chance of jail time. If you want a lawyer, and the court won't grant you one for that reason, you will have to hire one.

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    Default Re: Judge Took Away My Public Defender

    It sucks and is totally unfair,you need to find someway to hire a lawyer. You can call a few for a free conslation. Borrow,use a credit card,some other loan,sell things,etc. It's gonna be a lot easier to beat the charge w. a lawyer then w. out one.

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