The w/c ins. company, in the past month, cancelled a deposition for one of my doctors they had set up.
Then last week, I received a notice stating they withdrew their Petition to Terminate Benefits.

When they 1st put in the Pet. to Term. Ben., a request for supercedeas, I had a hearing 3/10 that my lawyer attended. The request for supercedeas was denied, my benefits remained except that now my lawyer started having sent to him 20% of the w/c check to them for representing me. A 2nd hearing was scheduled for 9/8/10 for the same Petition.

Since they cancelled the deposition and withdrew the Petition, do I still have a hearing for 9/8? Does is sound like the w/c ins comp. has conceded I have a real problem? I have 3 doctors (1 is the w/c dr) who affirm I have a lifelong chronic, painful condition due to my work injury.
Thank you.