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    Default I can't go home due to a 'no contact' order

    I was charged with battery, I have a " no contact" rest. ordered by the court.....I'm still paying every single bill at home......because of this I am having a lot of limitations, e.g. not having a steady place to live, not being able to buy things that I need..etc, . My wife works, and she is actually saving some money on her own......can I legally cut the amount of money that I'm depositing every month....?,,,,this is in the state of Florida.


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    Default Re: I can't go home due to a 'no contact' order

    If it is creating a financial hardship, and your wife wants the no contact ordere dropped, the most expeditious path to getting back into financial balance would likely be what you suggested in your other thread - getting the no contact order lifted.

    I'm not sure how you and your wife determined the amount of money you deposit each month. If that's pursuant to a court order, you should consider trying to get the order changed.

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