My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: NJ

I recently interviewed for a position. The application that I completed asked if I had ever been CONVICTED of a crime which I have not. The interview went very well. I was then called by the HR person who gave me a conditional offer of employment and a start date over the phone pending a drug test. I then went and met with the HR person prior to the drug test. In speaking with the HR person I had explained I was not working at my previous job as I had been arrested and suspended with out pay. The HR person said " I don't want to know any more I probably shouldn't know this". I recieved a call from the HR person again after the meeting where she was confirming a phone number for a reference as a third party does the employment screening. I now have recieved a letter and the employer is refusing to hire me as I was arrested and the case is pending trial. After recieving the conditional offer and as they never asked about an arrest record do I have any recorse against the employer since I was offered employment?