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    Default Right of Way / Shared Driveway


    I own a home with a shared right of way/ driveway, with three other homeowners, which is recorded in the deed. The ROW is for ingress, egress and construction/ maintenance of utilities.

    My home was the first built, but the third in a series of four homes that share the ROW. Part of the ROW goes through a fifth homeowner's property who does not use the driveway.

    Issues are developing over the ROW. Can the property owner at the fourth (last) house give permission, to any other neighbor or person , to use the ROW through my property for any purpose, other than actually visiting them? I'm not including delivery or service people in this question.

    Friends of the neighbor are continually traveling on the right of way, turning around on the neighbor's property and leaving with no attempt to visit the neighbor. They appear to be attempts to cause problems, based on other observations.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    As long as they are just traveling down the ROW to the neighbors house then turning around and leaving there's probably not much you can do about that. If you took them to court over the issue they can just say they wanted to visit so and so but once they arrived they saw their car was not there so left. Or by the time they arrived they remembered they had somewhere else to be, so they just skipped the visit and left.
    If this is truly to annoy you and you just ignore them I think they'll get tired of driving down the ROW and back just to prove a point. I mean how long would you do that before you got tired of taking the time to do it for a friend?

    You'll get no help on this issue from the cops or local officials, your only recourse is the courts and lawyers and $$$$. So you have to decide if it's worth the aggravation or if it's just easier to ignore this issue.

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    Default Re: Right of Way / Shared Driveway

    Thanks for the info!

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