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    Default Supervisor Overruled by Personnel Manager

    I hope this is the right posting..

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if some can provide me some legal advice. Currently I worked at Costco Wholesale Club as a senior manager my job basically requires to assist all departments (meat dept., food court dept. frozen dept., etc…) and maintained procedures. Hence my duty also requires me to watch the crew and mangers. Recently one of my crew Sam Mathew cursed on floor for no specific reason. As I informed him this is now appropriate and against company policy and I also filed a final corrective (meaning fired from the company).

    Very briefly Mathew worked for the meat department as a worker and the manger for the meat department is Mike. As Mathew was about to admit and sign on the final corrective the manger for the personal office advised him not to sign on any documents and meat department manger said there was a witness and the witness stated that during the incident Mathew cursed as a joke with me which is not true and not only the witness lied about that, he also stated that I continuously followed him and he filed for harassment hence an open investigation about me.

    The question is, what is the consequence when the personal manger involved herself in these situation and she undermined or defines my decision and authority? And what action should I take against her?

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    Default Re: Supervisor Overruled by Personnel Manager

    The only consequences are whatever, if any, the company chooses to apply. This is not a matter addressed by law.

    There is no legal action you can take. You are free to take the matter up the ladder internally and see if they agree with you.

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