My question involves traffic court in the State of: California

I received a ticket for a cell phone violation on 3/18/2010 and today is 7/8/2010. This is 110 days later and both the online system and telephone system do not recognize my citation number. I have also called to confirm this with a court admin and indeed, the ticket is not in their system.

On the ticket, it says that I must appear on or before 4/20/2010, but I never did so. The reason why I didn't appear on that date was because 1) the ticket wasn't in the system, 2) a court admin told me to wait until I get a courtesy notice, and 3) the automated telephone system for the San Francisco court says to wait 90 days for courtesy notice before appearing at the court.

Needless to say, I have not appeared (even after 90 days) since I'm under the impression that my ticket was lost/never submitted by the officer. I would feel really dumb stopping by the court to notify them, personally, that I have an outstanding ticket and that they should be collecting my money. I feel like that responsibility is on them, not me.

What are my options here? What if I show up at the court and say... well, here's my name and license plate #, however, I have since lost the ticket and don't have the citation number. Is there some kind of paperwork I can request from the clerk that would say that I did show up at court, but they didnt have a record of my citation? Also, is there some kind of statute of limitations on an officer submitting the citation to the court?