so to not more anyone with a long explanation, ill make it quick, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

2 months ago, i was hit by a car when i got out of my car in a parking lot, the other car forgot to put his car in break and it rolled towards me when i got out of my car, pinned my legs, went to ER, etc. etc. ended up with a fracture in the ankle
got a lawyer and they are taking care of my case. they sent me to a podiatrists and was and still am going for treatment. My ankle is now 90% better, but lawyer is telling me/ asking me that i should go see another doctor for MRI's.
my question is, since my ankle is almost better, do i really need to go get MRI's and seek further treatment on my ankle? I know its probably because they want to collect more money from the insurance, but how does this work, if i see more doctors that the lawyer assigns , does the money that is accumulated go all towards these doctors and i see less of it myself, or is it better if i keep going and seeing doctors because we all ending up getting more? any help would be grand, thanks everyone