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    Default Got Hit by a Car, Broke Ankle, Lawyer Advises Further Treatment

    so to not more anyone with a long explanation, ill make it quick, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    2 months ago, i was hit by a car when i got out of my car in a parking lot, the other car forgot to put his car in break and it rolled towards me when i got out of my car, pinned my legs, went to ER, etc. etc. ended up with a fracture in the ankle
    got a lawyer and they are taking care of my case. they sent me to a podiatrists and was and still am going for treatment. My ankle is now 90% better, but lawyer is telling me/ asking me that i should go see another doctor for MRI's.
    my question is, since my ankle is almost better, do i really need to go get MRI's and seek further treatment on my ankle? I know its probably because they want to collect more money from the insurance, but how does this work, if i see more doctors that the lawyer assigns , does the money that is accumulated go all towards these doctors and i see less of it myself, or is it better if i keep going and seeing doctors because we all ending up getting more? any help would be grand, thanks everyone

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    Default Re: Got Hit by a Car, Broke Ankle, Lawyer Advises Further Treatment

    90% better is not healed and many injuries get worse over time, so making sure it has been adequately treated is the most important thing. MRI's and specialists help in this direction. While results of different cases can be different, settlements are based on cost of needed medical treatment. Pain and suffering amounts tend to increase with higher medical costs. Beyond that, once you settle, you are done with the claim even if problems crop up later. This all says leave no stone unturned in getting healed the best you can.

    I recommend you take your attorney's advice.

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    Default Re: Got Hit by a Car, Broke Ankle, Lawyer Advises Further Treatment

    You posted this on another forum which was fine but the advice there was also to follow your lawyer's advice. I agree (believe I answered) - you don't know for sure if you will have any further problems or not.

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