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    Unhappy What Can a Judgment Holder Take to Satisfy a Judgment

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of:Arizona


    I have just received notification of a default judgement of $18000 being entered against me from CitiBank. I am unemployed, with no source of income,own a home currently valued at approx $134,000 and have about $50,000 in equity. The state is Arizona, although I am currently living in California.

    I have a leased vehicle, and have recently emptied a savings account to live on.

    What is the process for enforcing this judgement? The law office sent me a letter demanding payment with no deadline and threatening to "make application for a garnishment" if I fail to pay.

    Can they go after my house, since I am not employed? Can they go after my husbands bank account?

    I was not in Arizona when this all happened, I was staying in California. Is there anything I can do to get this judgment "dismissed" or "vacated" not sure if I am using the right language here.

    The total they are seeking is quite inflated, and it appears as though the law firm is represented directly by the credit card company Citi Bank, not sure if this makes a difference?

    Just wondering how much time I have before they take action, and also if I am still ale to get this judgement reversed somehow.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: What Can a Judgment Holder Take to Satisfy a Judgment

    If you don't have wages, they can't garnish your wages. If your bank accounts are empty, they can't garnish your bank accounts. What else is there?

    If you want a judgment holder to dismiss the judgment, or file a notice of satisfaction, you can expect them to want you to pay off the judgment, or to negotiate a mutually acceptable payoff amount.

    If you want to know how they arrived at the judgment figure, check the court file.

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    Default Re: What Can a Judgment Holder Take to Satisfy a Judgment

    Thanks for your reply :-)

    I was wondering if they can go after my house or my husbands bank account, if it is in his name only? We are currently separated,and I incurred this debt after my first husband died suddenly.

    My family has offered to help try and settle the debt and I'm just wondering the best way of going about trying to get it settled. At one point citibank had offered to settle the debt for about $9000 if I remember correctly.

    Am I better off to try and negotiate with them directly or hire someone to handle it, and if I hire someone can they go to court to try and get the default judgement vacated or do I still have to appear?

    Ideally I would like to have the judgement dismissed or whatever the correct legal term is, come to an agreement on a settlement amount and have this removed from my credit...any thoughts? It is so scary out there as far as finding a reputable company to handle this, I keep hearing all these nightmare stories...

    Again, any help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you

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