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    Question Ex Girlfriend Won't Give Anything Back

    My question involves small claims court in the state of: Arizona

    A former girlfriend (who I gave thousands to for rent and other) wants to keep about $1900 worth of stuff (computers, bed, backpack, crafting materials, some unisex clothes, etc), claiming I also gave them to her as "Gifts."
    This was not the case, since I had bought this stuff and had said I would let her use it until I was ready to move in with her. She decided to cheat on me, so I asked for my things back, and she refused. However, I have most of the original sales receipts, and bank statements, and we had a verbal agreement that when I moved into a new place, I would take my stuff with me. What actions can I take to get my stuff, or at least my money back? Also, what can I do about the items I do not have receipts for (a printer, some speakers, etc)?


    I recently bought a large amount of sewing materials, fake fur, and other materials so we could make a pair of costumes together.
    I bought the stuff understanding there would be a deal. There was a verbal contract, and it was also discussed over IM. The deal was that we would do one of two things with the materials I had bought (about $450 dollars worth):

    A. I would make the costume, but with her help.
    B. that she would make the costume for me as a payment for what I bought.

    In the end, neither of these things happened, and she told me to "get out of her life." She has started on a costume of her own using my materials, and she refuses to pay me back or give me back the things I bought. Now she has finished her own costume, but she has not paid me for any of it, (all materials were 100% paid for by me) and refuses to even talk to me anymore. She has invested a large amount of time and labor to make this costume, but since she has finished her costume with my stuff, what action can I take to get my money or the materials back from her?

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    Default Re: Ex Girlfriend Won't Give Anything Back

    If she has items that belong to you and won't return them, you will make the best case you can in small claims court as to your ownership and the present value of the items. The judge will decide if you've made your case in relation to part or all of the goods at issue.

    Why would she make a costume for you as "payment" for your buying material with which to make yourself a costume?

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