My question involves criminal law for the state of: Kansas

I am a musician and play shows with a lot of other bands. About 5-6 years ago, I hosted a show with several bands and when I got home, I discovered that a significant piece of recording equipment had been loaded into my car by mistake (a lot of concerts attendees were helping tear down and load). I contacted everyone I had contact information for, but no one stepped up as the owner. I know I was not able to contact every band/musician at the concert.

I have held onto the equipment since then, thinking that eventually the owner would certainly come forward. Since that has not happened, I am now considering selling the equipment as I do not use it. From what I understand, the statute of limitations on any theft will have run, but if I sell it, am I committing a new crime? If the pawn shop runs the serial numbers and it comes back stolen, will I be vulnerable? Likewise, if I sell to an individual and that individual sells to a pawn shop that runs the serial numbers, can I be hurt?

I don't even think I can prove my due dilligence in trying to return this to the owner. My correspondence was all via phone and a band email address which no longer exists. This sort of thing happens pretty often with minor things- microphones, guitar stands, etc, so I didn't think to document everything.

In case it matters, the recorder's value at the time would have been approximately $4-500. Today, its value is about $150 as it is somewhat outdated technology.