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    Default My Package Was Given Away

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California

    Here is my question. I purchased some items for my business from an overseas company. They shipped the items to an employee of mine because I am in the middle of moving. My employee had quit before the package had arrived. I called him to let him know that the package will still be arriving at his residence and to please hold onto the merchandise until myself or one of my employees can go over there to pick it up. He agreed. I then get a call from him letting me know that the package had arrived. When one of my current employees went over there to pick it up they were not home. Later on in the night we called before going over, they said they had given the package to someone from my company. My company only has 5 employees, all 5 were at the office at the time they said someone came to pick up the package. What can I do with this case? Is there any legal action I can take?

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    Default Re: My Package Was Given Away

    you can sue the guy. You will have to prove that one of your people did not pick it up but you will also have to prove that the guy knew all the people in your employ. If you can't, he can argue that whoever picked it up said he worked for you and was told to pick it up. Since he was expecting somebody from your company to pick it up and somebody claiming he worked for you did come to get it, not much you can do to argue the point.

    How else would somebody know he was holding a package for you, that it had just arrived, and that somebody from your company would be coming to pick it up?

    the only other argument you might have is that the guy simply told you somebody picked it up but really kept it for himself.

    That is something a court would have to rule on.

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