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    Default Infraction or Diversion Program

    This is in regards to law in the state of California

    So to be brief. I was caught shoplifting at Safeway and was charged with a Misdemeanor PC 484/488. I am currently 18, a college student, and has no criminal record before this incident. I have been feeling horribly the past few days, and just hope for this to be off my record. I made a mistake, and I just hope to get some advice on what's the best thing to do now. I've been reading this forum for a while now, and just have a few additional questions.

    1. Is getting a diversion program/deferral program or reducing misdemeanor to infraction better?
    2. How much does the diversion program usually cost? And how long does it usually last if I'm doing community service? Since I won't be around when school starts again.
    3. Can I get a public defender? I've read in a few threads that if its your first offense and you don't face jail time, you can't get one. But with PC 484/488 I can potentially face jail time.

    Thank you, and advice will be deeply appreciated.

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    Default Re: Infraction or Diversion Program

    1. It depends on the offender. Some people can't manage to get through a few months of probation or court supervision without getting arrested for something - that type of person is probably better off taking an infraction rather than violating probation on a deferral or the terms of a diversion program.

    2. Diversion programs vary by county.

    3. Petition with the court for a court-appointed lawyer. If you qualify, you'll get one.

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