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    Default How Long Can a Secret Service Investigation Last

    I have been under investigation by the Secret Service (through the DOJ and a Grand Jury) for over 1 year. Despite my lawyer's efforts to clear my name, the AUSA has kept the file open, although she has returned my computer. The allegations are Aggravated Identity Theft, Wire Fraud and Access Device Fraud. According to the Search Warrant Affidavit, the crime resulted in less than $20k in fraud. I'm wondering (hopefully) if they've moved on or if they are actively investigating? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: How Long Can a Secret Service Investigation Last

    Only THEY could possibly have any insight on that...and they're not going to tell you. If they think they have things to look at or figure out, they could keep the file open for years (though there's not much point in doing so past any applicable statute of limitations - which for felonies can be several years).

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    Unhappy How Long Will This Last

    I have been a "target" of an investigation for over a year now related to Wire Fraud, ID Theft and Access Device Fraud. Unfortunately, I allowed people (were friends) access to my computer and they committed these crimes. Despite my innocence, the looming investigation is killing me! I know I've wrote about this before, but I want to know how you get through something like this. I supppose you just bury it in your mind and wait it out. I just can't believe the Feds make people go through all of this...

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    Default Re: How Long Can a Secret Service Investigation Last

    The investigation can take as long as it takes. The feds have a long memory if the case is important enough.

    So, you can either stress about this for the next few years, or move on and hope that none of it comes back on you. And, remember never to let others use your computer again!
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    Default Re: How Long Can a Secret Service Investigation Last

    I certainly can understand your situation, but unfortunately the feds can take as long as they want, up to the statute of limitations, which is much more than one year. Misdemeanors have one year SOL's usually, but felony charges are typically three years or more.

    Actually you should consider yourself lucky that your "friends" didn't download child porn to your computer or made dates with children. You would then really know what a nightmare is.

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