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    Default Name Change in NYC Using International Birth Certificate

    My question involves name change laws in the State of: New York

    I was born in a foreign country and am now an American citizen. I am looking to shorten my name as it is too long and I only use my shortened name. I read that I need my birth certificate to go through with the name change; however, my birth certificate is entirely in a foreign language. My birth name is clearly visible (the alphabet is the same so it's the same letter for letter), but the rest of the text is in a foreign language.

    I was told by some that I may need to get it officially translated in order to do this, is that correct? If so, where do I go about in getting it translated?

    Also, is it in any way possible to just bring my passport from my birth country and use that as a supplement to the birth certificate, or is that the ONLY thing they will accept?

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Default Re: Name Change in NYC Using International Birth Certificate

    Name change instructions are here. I see a requirement that you attach a copy of your birth certificate if you were born in New York, but I don't see such a requirement for births outside of New York.

    If you need a certified translated copy of your birth certificate, work with an Apostille in your nation of origin. (You can probably find one through Google).

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