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    Default Phone Sex with Minor Laws

    Hi, I've been researching on phone sex with a minor within the US and there is no clear answer that I have found. Would it be such as the internet statutes are and 18 regardless of state laws? Is there close in age exceptions such as 1-5 years? Those over 16 but not 18 yet? Varies state to state such as the normal age of consent laws? What if the parties are in different states? It would just apply to the minor's state correct? Pictures involved and not invovled? Talk about meeting for sex and just meeting made known no sex? The minor luring and seducing the adult and the adult luring the minor? The laws that go along with these would be very helpful as well as the charges. Thanks ahead of time. This subject has been frustrating.

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    Default Re: Us Phone Sex with Minor Laws

    If you have to ask a legal question regarding sexual conduct with a minor....

    ..the general rule of thumb is "don't do it".


    And please, don't ever use the "minor luring and seducing the adult" line.
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    Default Re: Us Phone Sex with Minor Laws

    This is just for research of the laws... not for me to actually do it. Hence why I asked about allt he different situations.

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    Default Re: Us Phone Sex with Minor Laws

    Your best bet to find those answers will be to contact the US Attorneys office in your district. Using the telephone to commit what may be charged as a sex crime against a minor falls under FEDERAL law enforcement at the end of the day, and it'll be a federal prosecutor who'd be bringing charges - which could include a lot of different possibilities, depending on the EXACT context of the conversation. Google "Mann Act", for starters.

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