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    Default Will Old Unreported Debts Affect Clearance Applicability

    In 2004, I accrued about $32,000 in medical debt after a car accident. The debt is now approximately 6 years old (The Statute of Limitations in my state, NM, is 7 years).

    Since 2004, I have applied for a security clearance twice at my job and been rejected each time because of these debts. This year I recently checked my credit report and found only about $1000 from one collection agency is still being reported.

    I plan to apply for a clearance again this year. Should I worry about the debt, if it is no longer showing up on my report?

    I have also read about writing 'Pay for Delete' letters to the collection agency. I would like to write one to pay this off but I am hesitant to do this. The agency that is still reporting the $1000 dollars had another account for $12000 (of the total $32000) that they were trying to collect. I am afraid they will continue trying to collect the $12000 and the account will re-appear on the credit report if I try to contact them.

    Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Will Old Unreported Debts Affect Clearance Applicability

    The debts should drop off of your credit report after seven years, and if they'll also be uncollectable at that time all the better. I would let the sleeping dog lie. If a collection agency attempts to "re-age" an expired debt so that it appears on your record after seven years, object to the credit reporting agency.

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    Default Re: Will Old Unreported Debts Affect Clearance Applicability

    Thank you for your help. What do you mean by "re-aging" an expired debt?

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