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    Default How Long After Paying Fine, Does It Takes To Be Removed from National Driver Registry

    Hey all, I have a quick question. How long after paying a ticket off, does it takes to be removed from the National Driver Registry? I know the DMV will probably input the information. but I want toi get my license back in my home town and I got this ticket in another state.

    I would like to pay the ticket off and go back to my home state and reapply for my license the same day. Will it be removed from the system the same day?

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    Default Re: How Long After Paying Fine, Does It Takes 2 Be Removed from National Driver Regis

    It really depends on the state and how they report.

    Couple days to a few weeks is what I have seen in general.
    You can usually get NDR issues cleared with a certified letter from your home state showing you are not suspended.
    Again, it depends on your home state.


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