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    Default How Long Can You Stay After Service of a Notice Requiring Delivery of Possession

    My question involves a foreclosure in the State of: Arizona

    I received the Notice Requiring Delivery of Possession of states I am; "to deliver up possession of the above described premises to the undersigned authorized agent, OR LEGAL PROCEEDINGs will be commenced against you to recover possession of said premises." ....bottom line I would like to go before a judge. Cash for keys would not give us 30 days, I live on 5acres with livestock....I choose not to take their money....for more time.

    What is the next thing that will happen and the time frame?
    We have been making payments the 9months and I have western union documents to prove it. We had a modification company that screwed us, and we had not idea our property was sold June 1st.
    Thank you for your time...

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    Default Re: How Long Can You Stay After Service of a Notice Requiring Delivery of Possession

    If the auction is complete and you're talking about being evicted as a trespasser, that process can be very quick. As soon as three days after the foreclosure the Sheriff can serve you with a five day notice. At the conclusion of the five days, the bank can remove your property. You generally get more time (and cash) if you negotiate a cash for keys agreement.

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